Microsoft Launches New Windows XP Campaign, Says It’s Time For A Change

The Windows XP craze is at full swing as we enter the final month. Mere weeks remain before Microsoft will end support of its second most popular operating system, as it tries to convince users to upgrade.

This time around, the company has launched a new campaign to try and sway users towards it modern operating platforms. This is essentially one of the last attempts that emphasizes the risks of staying with the aging platform, ahead of its official retirement.

The tagline here is “Honestly, It’s time for a change”, and this broad marketing drive includes honest thoughts from a range of Microsoft consumers across the globe — from teachers to doctors.

Microsoft has this to say on the deal:

“We know that the hardest part of letting go of your old PC is the fear of losing your stuff. We’ve worked with Laplink, a data migration service that will help you move your photos, videos, music, and files for free.”

At the same time the company is also offering customer support for users if they have any questions regarding the transition from Windows XP, and they are encouraged to call 1-877-696-7786 for any advice with deploying either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

With 28 days left on the clock, it’s now or never, people.

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