Microsoft: Windows XP Is As Old School As Audio Cassettes

Cassettes. Now that’s a word you don’t hear too often. Unless you are so old school that you are still rocking your VCP or VCR. You might want to look these up if you are a child of the 2000s.

Another child of the 2000s is Windows XP.

The colorful, delightful, and still very capable operating system is a certified fan favorite. But its time has come, with Microsoft destined to end support for Windows XP in just under a month.

And with so many users still running the old OS, Microsoft is doing all it can to move everyone to a newer platform, like say Windows 8.1. The company uses any and all opportunities to make sure people are aware that Windows XP is approaching its end of life.

This time Redmond has posted a tweet on its official account, comparing Windows XP with music cassettes, saying that they are so old school, just like the operating system that is set for retirement in April. Here take a look at the image:


The Windows 8 logo at very bottom of this bold and bright image is a clear indication that Microsoft wants all Windows XP users to move to this modern platform.

Keep at it, Microsoft.

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