Leaked Video Shows The Camera App Features In Windows Phone 8.1

The vow of sheer secrecy that Microsoft has taken for its future operating platforms, Windows 8.1 Update 1 and Windows Phone 8.1, means that leaks continue to dictate the game.

And when it comes to Windows Phone 8.1 (also known as Windows Phone Blue), the developers that were given access to the SDK of the upcoming mobile operating system back in February continue to be the source of many of these leaks.

A new video has floated up that highlights what Microsoft plans to include in Windows Phone 8.1. More precisely, it shows what you can expect from the camera app of this new version of the OS.

Take a look at the video, first:

The clip shows that the default camera app will now simply be called Microsoft Camera. Not a bad start!

The left side of the app will have customizable icons that give quick access to various settings and functions of the application. You will be able to scroll through a series of selections, everything from Flash to ISO, with reasonable ease.

And on the right side are icons for the different camera modes — you know, Single Photo, Burst, Video and other such cool stuff. Each mode will have its own customization settings. Nice and clean!

One things that becomes evident from this clip is that Microsoft has taken proper cues from the camera app that Nokia crafted for Windows Phone, and put them to good use to create a very usable and properly meticulous user interface.

About time, I say!

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