Microsoft Finally Launches Image Match Option For Bing Search

Google first introduced the image match feature on its search service some three years back, and now Microsoft has finally unleashed this important and highly usable feature on Bing.

Bing Image Search has just received a new update, and it now allows users the ability to look for similar images with just a simple click (or tap) o the “Image Match” tool on the search results page. This launches a new search process with more sizes of the picture in question.

Microsoft announced this on the official Bing site, saying:

“Searching for the right image can be tough. After sorting through hundreds of images, you finally find a picture you like but unfortunately it’s low resolution or an odd dimension leaving you to go back to scrolling through the results pages. To take the hassle out of this process we’re introducing a new feature that allows you to match an image in a few simple clicks.”

Searching for the right image can be tough, indeed — just ask someone that does it regularly.

Bing, obviously, needs this, along with more such improvements as it is the number one contender to Google’s search supremacy, and the only search engine that has posted positive growth in the past year.

Still a lot of work remains to be done, particularly for users outside the United States.

But this new feature is a good start, a mandatory inclusion, and now that it has debuted, the Bing team can focus on future improvements and refinements. Image Match is currently being rolled out, so if you are yet to see it, give it a few hours (or a day), and it should show up.

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