Skype Launches Captain America Limited Edition Emoticons

Say what you may, but there just aren’t enough emoticons in the world. These small smiley faces come in handy on many occasions, but none more so when users are chatting with one another.

Skype already has a decent enough collection built in, but now Microsoft is providing the users of its popular VoIP service a new set of limited edition emoticons that should please fans of Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Solider the most.

Microsoft actually conducted a survey in the United States and the United Kingdom where it found out that some 57 percent of users gave thumbs up to emoticons based on comic book characters.

Here we are, then.

This is what the company says about this new set:

“Well, we’re listening, and today we are introducing five new ‘hidden heroes’ emoticons based on characters from the upcoming blockbuster film, Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Let Captain America salute a friend or loved one in your Skype IM chat.”

But before you get too excited, you should know that this icon set of five is actually hidden in Skype, and users have to discover the codes in order to be able to use them in conversations.

The instructions are available here at the Hero Hub, detective.

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