Microsoft Is Aware That Windows 8.1 Is Quite Different For Windows XP Users

The final three weeks. April 8 is so close, one can almost feel the sun rising on that momentous day approaching. It is set to be the day when Windows XP receives its final batch of security updates.

After that the Windows XP users are on their own.

And while Microsoft is still encouraging everyone to make the move to Windows 8.1, in order to find out what a truly modern operating system looks and feels like, the company admits that this version of Windows could be overwhelming for users.

In a new post, the software titan shares some tips, while saying that the overall experience could be quite a bit different due to the lack of some of the more traditional features that are in Windows XP:

“With Microsoft support for Windows XP and Office 2003 ending April 8, small businesses and consumers are upgrading to newer devices with updated technology.

For people still using technology from more than a decade ago, Microsoft’s new operating system and productivity software — Windows 8.1 and Office 365 — will look and feel a little different. But knowing a few simple tips will make for an easy transition.”

Redmond then goes over some of these new features that are available in Windows 8.1 that can confuse beginners, while once gain remarking that the familiar old desktop is still there.

Windows 8.1 Update 1 could not get here soon enough, with its improvements for improvements for keyboard and mouse users. Windows XP users, one can almost say, might really appreciate what this upcoming refresh brings to the platform.

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