VLC For Windows 8 Receives First Update, Early Download Statistics Shared

After the somber news that development on Firefox for Windows 8 was stopped, just as the web browser was about to go live, we have some positive reports on another key Metro app.

Mozilla may have decided against it, but VideoLAN went ahead and launched their flagship program on the Windows Store last week. VLC for Windows 8 officially arrived a few days back, but since then a number of hardcore bugs were discovered in the application.

Good thing then that the developers launched a new build earlier today — one that fixes numerous issues with the application, including the widely reported crash on start.

Along with this, the developers promise, more reliable performance on desktops and tablets.

And that’s not all.

The team behind the app also shared some early statistics regarding the app. In the three days since launch (Saturday, that is), some 38,000 people rushed to download and give it a try.

Not exactly earth shattering numbers, but solid. And these would have surely been helped by a smoother launch. Crashes and collapses, have a way of turning people off so that they do not recommend apps like these to friends and associates.

The development team has also promised to continue to work on VLC for Windows 8, with a new version incoming next week with even more bug fixes and performance improvements.

More power to them, then!

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