Windows 7 Sees Record Sales As Windows XP Users Upgrade

The high-profile retirement of Windows XP is just 20 or so days away, and Microsoft is ready to stop proving patches and security updates for users of this old operating system after April 8.

And while there were hopes that many of these users will choose Windows 8.1 as their next destination of choice, many are now choosing the world’s most popular operating system — that being, Windows 7.

The Channel has posted a new report that includes sales figures by ecommerce analyst Terapeak that show that customers are happily moving to Windows 7. In January 2014, worldwide consumers purchased 11,042 Windows 7 copies.

Compare these to the numbers of 5,661 back in June 2013.

What this means is that total sales of Windows 7 licenses at the retailer came in at $774,773 in the first month of this year. Corresponding figures from seven months ago were $409,871.

Nothing particularly surprising here, when you look at it.

If anything, this much was a given for users that were upgrading from Windows XP. Windows 7 not only offers a polished (yet familiar) environment, but the world’s most popular operating system also wins hands down when it comes to support and drivers for older legacy hardware.

Even more so than Windows 8.1, in this particular case. And the results are telling.

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