Windows Market Share On Desktop Dips Below The 90% Mark

First time since the nifty 90s, that is. While the operating system that made Microsoft what it is still continues to be the number one choice for traditional desktops and laptops, things are on a very interesting trajectory.

Basically, if this trend continues (or picks up pace), things could change in the years to come.

As this report states, the world is changing, and Windows now has to contend with increased competition on desktops to go with its mobile battles. The latest figures released by the two leading market research firms for the month of March 2014 confirms the change.

NetMarketShare now has some 89.96 percent of traditional computers running Windows the world over, while StatCounter claims figures of 89.22 percent.

Neck and neck, but it pretty much confirms the dip of below the 90 percent mark.

In the meantime, Mac OS X has managed to reach a record 8 percent share, while the remaining 2 or so percent is reserved for Linux and other such operating platforms.

Not quite trouble in paradise, but the sings are not all too encouraging.

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