Windows Phone Now Outselling The iPhone In More Markets

Third place locked and loaded, and now aiming for the second position? You bet! Microsoft has left a lot to be desired when it comes to updates to its platforms this past year, but it appears it still managed to do more than enough.

Oh, and hard to deny the push Windows Phone received from hardware partners, Nokia in particular.

The end result is that smartphones powered by Microsoft’s mobile OS are now witnessing an even bigger increase in sales, and new reports indicate that another country has been added to the markets where Windows Phone handsets are outselling the Apple iPhone.

This report cites new statistics from a market research firm in Romania that reveals the amazing fact that Windows Phone devices are now higher than the various iPhone that are being sold there.

What’s amazing here, you ask?

Well how about the fact that they are now four times higher in 2013, than compared to the year before. In fact, Windows Phone devices managed to corner a 10 percent of the market in the two important months of November and December last year.

Still a lot to do to catch up with Android, but this much is becoming clear that Microsoft’s mobile OS is now becoming a certified threat to all competitors, the amount of ground it has covered recently.

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