Mac Pro 2013 Boot Camp Drops Support For Windows 7

Apple is known to do some strange stuff, and here is another one. In a bewildering move, the company has dropped support for Windows 7, the world’s most popular operating system in Boot Camp.

Meaning the latest Mac Pro, released in 2013, is only now only compatible with Windows 8.

Now, this is a move as described in this support document might upset some (or a lot of) users, but it clearly states the system requirements for Microsoft Windows operating systems that customers can install on their Macs via Boot Camp.

The aforementioned KB article was recently updated, on March 5, and a scroll down to the Mac Pro section has a table that details the general requirements for installation of Windows using Boot Camp.

And only the 64-bit version of Windows 8 now plays nicely with the newest Mac Pro.


Mac Pro users that have opted for the newest model now have the option of only a single Windows version on their shiny new machine. And when you consider that there are many that depend on their trusty old Windows 7 copy, this decision will probably not be well received.

Sure Windows 8 is better than Windows 7 in many aspects, but this is pretty much forcing these Mac Pro users to splash cash for a new operating system when their old one is still alive and kicking.

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