Microsoft Launches Affordable Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850

Redmond has a history with mice. With both keyboard and mice, but the company has shown renewed interest in launching new computer mouse models now that it is playing the hardware game.

You know, the whole devices and services deal.

But if you can get sleek accessories like this at sweet prices, then it leaves little room for complains. Microsoft has just announced that it plans to release its Wireless Mouse 1850 later this month, for a very reasonable and enticing price of $14.95.

As the Mobile in the name suggests, this peripherals is primarily designed for people that use notebooks and laptops, though Surface Pro owners can also find great use for this mouse, in desktop software.

The device is only 3.95 inches long and 2.29 inches wide.

And while it is designed for both left and right handed users, Microsoft has still managed to pack in a scroll wheel in the middle. Equally interesting is the fact that the included 2.4GHz mini USB transceiver can be stored inside the casing when not in use.

This clearly is a well-designed and well-thought-out product.

One final word about the color choices. The company has made the Wireless Mobile Mouse available in five richly named colors — Coal Black, Flame Red, Orchid Pink, Pantone Purple and Wool Blue.

I told you they were richly named.

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