Microsoft Press Conference Set For March 27, Office For iPad Expected

One of the more eagerly awaited Microsoft products could be here before the end of the month, and fittingly, Redmond has chosen a special new event to launch it.

Word is (ha!) that Office for iPad is set for release at the March 27 event in San Francisco.

This report marks the public appearance of Satya Nadella as Microsoft CEO, and the company plans to outline its “mobile first, cloud first” strategy. But some new product unveiling cannot be discounted, including a version of the company’s productivity suite for the Apple iPad.

Office for iPad is said to be very similar to Office for iPhone that launched back in June 2013, meaning users will need an Office 365 subscription to use the software on their tablets.

The scheduling of this event is a bit curious, considering just how close it is to the 2014 edition of the BUILD developer conference — the premier Microsoft event.

Anyway, a completely touch-optimized version of Microsoft Office is also expected to be released sometime this year, along with an Android port that would allow users of these competing platforms the complete freedom to create and edit documents on their mobile devices.

Interesting, and engaging, times ahead.

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