The Worst Thing Windows XP Users Can Do Is Nothing, Says Expert

Apathy. The destroyer of many a dreams. Users across the globe are scampering to make sure that they end up on the safe side of the spectrum once support for Windows XP finally ends.

The technology world has never seen an event like this, and it probably never will. Hundreds of millions of computers are still running an aging (and soon to be unsupported) operating system.

Already one of the weaker operating systems when it comes to security, hackers and cybercriminals will soon bombard Windows XP with any and all exploits that they can get their hands on. These next few weeks, this final stretch before the retirement is just the proverbial calm before the storm.

This time we have another expert, the CEO of Progressive, a firm that provides migration services say that Windows XP will soon become very vulnerable to attacks.

And Robert Cioffi believes that the worse thing Windows XP users can do is wait for this to happen, without taking any preventive measures:

“The worst thing you can do is nothing. If a system or network is compromised due to a security exploit, there is a price to consider in terms of remediation and potential damage to reputation.”

He also talks about how Windows XP users should evaluate their options in the next few days, and make a final decision to upgrade to either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, depending on requirements:

“When it comes to maintaining productivity and keeping technology costs down, a proactive approach is always your best bet.”

The mass migration that Microsoft hoped for is yet to transpire — business users, in particular, that are still rocking Windows XP machines are either unsure how to proceed, or are alarmed by the upgrade costs associated with moving to a newer platform.

But all that could pale in comparison to a security breach, a disastrous information leak.

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