You Can Get A Used Windows 7 License For As Little As $20

This much is a given that a substantial amount of users that are stuck on Windows XP, not by choice but stuck, are looking for any and all cost effective ways that they can employ to upgrade.

Hardware upgrades come with their associated cost, and while they are a major hurdle to get through for small businesses, the licenses for newer versions of Windows also take their toll on pocketbooks, more so for users that have multiple systems that they want to upgrade.

But all is not lost — and there are ways to acquire legit licenses online at substantially lower costs. You just have to know where to look, that is all.

It seems that a lot of these users are turning to sites like eBay to purchase their genuine copies of Windows 7. And for good reason too.

A quick search reveals that all varieties of Windows 7 licenses are up for grabs at the site, with prices ranging from $50 to $150 for a copy of the operating system.

And these fall down to the lows of $20, even $15 in some cases for a copy of the OS that has previously been installed on refurbished computers. Pretty much the best deal you can find to upgrade to Windows 7 in the most cost effective a manner as possible.

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