Bing Now Gets Access To Travel Time And Mileage Data

Microsoft is slowly catching up to Google when it comes to search service. The company has now added another useful feature to its Bing search engine that should make for an enhanced experience.

This new feature follows the Image Match option for the search service that recently went live.

Basically users in the US are now provided with travel time and mileage data for their destination. This is based on the shortest route for two user-defined points on the map — very similar to how this data is displayed on Google Search.

But that’s not even the half of it. Driving directions are also available on mobile platforms (iPhone, Android and Windows Phone) that makes Bing a fair bit more helpful when on the road.

Microsoft explained this in a short blog post announcing these new feature:

“When you click on the map or the ‘turn by turn directions’ link, we’ll launch the Bing Maps experience where you will see a detailed set of turn-by-turn directions. Because we know directions are most useful when you’re on the go, we’ve enabled this mobile browser experience across the top smart phones including Windows Phone, iPhone and Android devices.”

Good thing, then, that Windows Phone users are getting this feature the same time as other competing platforms, and Redmond did not reserve this for Windows Phone 8.1.

No word from the company on when these features will be available users outside the United States, but logic points to this being the next step.

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