Has Microsoft Started Cracking Down On Software Leaks?

Time for some news that should have no trouble finding a place on tabloid pages. The new management over at Redmond seems to be keen on taking care of leaks. Software leaks, that is.

News came out yesterday that Alex Kibkalo, a former Microsoft employee, was arrested on charges of leaking code from Windows 8 prior to its launch in October 2012. There was talk that he sent the code and information about the operating system to an unnamed French blogger.

Many were left speculating who that blogger could be, and it seems that it could be a person known only by the name “Canouna”.

He or she is said to be behind the popular website WinUnleaked — which was actually taken down in January 2013 and its URL briefly redirected to Microsoft.com.

No confirmation yet that Canouna was in fact the person that Kibkalo contacted.

Speaking of the man, his LinkedIn page revealed his photo, along with information that he was hired by a company called 5nine Software that sells virtualization management software based on the Microsoft Hyper-V technology.

But what’s even more interesting in all this is the fact that WZor has been missing in action.

His website has been shut down, and his twitter account is also no longer active. While it could simply be the case that the famed leaker went undercover due to the recent developments, it could also be that Microsoft has started a crackdown on these prerelease leak of its software products.

The plot remains thick, very thick.

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