Microsoft Found Out About The Windows 8 Content Leak By Going Through Emails

More news about the Windows 8 content leak is floating up. It is perhaps the most interesting story of the day, full of stimulating twists and fascinating turns. Or not.

It appears that the French blogger that Alex Kibkalo is reported to have leaked the code was the one that tipped off Microsoft about the leak — accidently, of course. Going by the name of Canouna, this person emailed the software titan in order to determine whether the code was legitimate.

Way to go, man, way to go!

It was then that Redmond accessed the email account of the said blogger and found out the source of the leak. And this probably is the most noteworthy part of this story.

As The Guardian notes, the blogger used a Microsoft owned web based email account (either Hotmail or to verify the leaked content with the company. It goes without saying that Microsoft snooped through the email of the blogger, privacy be darned!

Anyway, the court document states that Redmond was not all that upset about the leaked screenshots of Windows 8, instead the real concern was the activation information that Kibkalo had shared.

Essentially, he was helping with the creation of a keygen for Windows 8, and that, for the company was going too far. A working key generator can not only be expensive to patch and take care of, it could also result in millions in lost revenue.

I guess that’s that of this story, but we just might here some more on this in the coming days.

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