Ubuntu Tablets Coming Out In Fall 2014, Says Mark Shuttleworth

You’d have to think really hard to name another person in computing technology that drives so much force behind a product. Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Canonical has made Ubuntu what it is.

And although his plans to publicly fund a smartphone powered by his operating system did not become reality last year, he is currently fine tuning the upcoming release of Ubuntu Touch — yes, a touch optimized version of the popular OS.

This flavor of Linux for smartphones and tablets is still in development, with Canonical doing all it can to make it compete with other such operating platforms, including Windows 8.

In a new interview, the Canonical founder said that while initially the company only wanted to dive into the mobile phones, they expanded their horizons and now want to get into the tablet business too:

“We brought the tablet schedule forward and pushed the phone schedule back a little back. So middle of this year to Q3 this year we’ll see both phones running Ubuntu on the market.”

He further said that some big vendors are ready to invest into making and shipping Ubuntu mobile devices, and a couple of hardware makers have already announced the first smartphones powered by the platform in fall 2014.

This is when we will also see tablets and slates powered by the touch optimized flavor of Ubuntu.

A new entrant in the field is always good — it keeps other companies in check and working to deliver innovation, and driving technology forward. With Mozilla also rushing in its Firefox OS devices, we truly are living in the golden age of mobile technology.

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