Windows 8.1 App Watch: AquaFish

One word app titles are always uniquely special. This particular one comes with such a name, an amalgam of Aqua and Fish. And it is a very challenging, yet satisfying, adventure.

Screensavers, particularly virtual aquarium screensavers have been around on the Windows platform since time itself, it seems. And they have also started arriving for Windows 8.1.AquaFish is a simulation game that brings a fish tank to your Metro environment.

Fish tank to your Metro environment, ha! So anyway, you can raise a number of tropical species, feed them, and even learn about these creatures with fins thanks to the built in encyclopedia.

Here is the bubbly official description:

“Feed your fish and make over your tank. Have fun raising cute tropical fish. Your tropical fish will grow a little each day. Watching your fish can be very therapeutic.”

Instead of offering a simple virtual aquarium, this free game brings a proper amount of challenge. You are awarded medals every day depending on your level and the fish you have raised — the fun is doubled as you work to create a wonderful aquarium.

Obviously, the biggest aspect of this game is the rest and relaxation it provides.

The audio and visual presentation is nothing particularly fancy, simple really, and navigating the aquarium or changing the camera with the mouse is a little wonky, but touch works splendidly fine. The simulation game supports all versions of Windows 8.1, including those based on ARM based processors.

Click here to check out AquaFish on the Windows Store.

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