Windows Azure Reportedly Set To Be Renamed Microsoft Azure

Make way for another rebranding! After recently renaming products like SkyDrive and Office Web Apps, the technology titan is at it again. This time aiming to tidy up the name of its cloud service.

Windows Azure obviously does far more stuff than just Windows — and Microsoft now aims to help users understand the purpose of the cloud platform by giving it a new, and some would say less confusing, name.

According to this report over at ZDNet, Microsoft is ready to rename Windows Azure to Microsoft Azure, with a public announcement expected tomorrow. Boy, that’s quick!

The change, however, will only come into effect on April 3, the second day of the company’s BUILD developer conference. It takes a while for these things to materialize.

But the intention behind this rebranding is crystal clear.

Redmond wants to drive home the point that Windows Azure is not a product that is aimed exclusively at the Windows platform. The cloud service supports competing, cross-platform and open-source solutions too — Oracle databases, Linux, PHP, Java and Python, and the like.

Microsoft has, it must be said, is starting to pay more attention to the marketing impact of its products, and while Windows Azure is more of a business service, this is still a logical change.

The big question, then, is that why it had a Windows branding in the first place, when Microsoft was fully aware that the cloud platform was destined to soon outgrow its name?

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