Microsoft Lists 5 Biggest Risks Of Staying With Windows XP

Lists, everybody loves them! I even bet Windows XP users are going to have an absolute ball going through this new list that Microsoft has put up about the 5 biggest risks of staying with the old OS.

There is little doubt that Windows XP is soon to become one of the most vulnerable operating systems around, partly due to the fact that the software titan will stop providing patches and updates, and partly because hackers and cybercriminals will do their best to exploit all any and all vulnerabilities.

Long story short, users that stick with the aging OS will expose themselves to quite a few risks.

Five of which Microsoft have listed in a new post on its blog, in order to emphasize that upgrading is pretty much a necessary for everyone:

“The types of attacks that we expect to target Windows XP systems after April 8th, 2014 will likely reflect the motivations of modern day attackers. Cybercriminals will work to take advantage of businesses and people running software that no longer has updates available to repair issues.”

Web browsing, in particular, will become one of the most dangerous activities to do on a Windows XP machine after the retirement date, as malicious websites will come into play:

“Over time, attackers will evolve their malicious software, malicious websites, and phishing attacks to take advantage of any newly discovered vulnerabilities in Windows XP, which post April 8th, will no longer be fixed.”

Microsoft also goes over how malware links in emails and instant messaging conversations could pose threats. Worms and ransomware also find their place among the biggest risks facing unsuspecting Windows XP users post retirement.

Hit up the link above to go over what the company has to say about all this.

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