Samsung ATIV SE Coming To Verizon On April 18 For $600

Nokia might be the uncrowned (or crowned) king of the Windows Phone world, but the company is soon about to taste some challenge with a host of different companies announcing plans for new devices.

Basically, Lumia devices will have plenty of company this year.

Samsung is also preparing its very own challenger. And even though the South Korean company is not really what you would call a threat for Nokia, it still has the biggest chance to take the fight to Lumia smartphones provided it keeps on launching new handsets.

The first of these, hopefully, is a new Windows Phone that will soon be available for purchase in the United States. Dubbed the Samsung AITV SE, this is a spiritual successor to the ATIV smartphone.

And just like that, this will be another Verizon exclusive.

Now WPCentral has managed to learn more about the availability and price tag over at the wireless carrier. According to this new information, the ATIV SE is set to be introduced on April 18, and customers will be able to get it for the reasonable price of $600. Outright.

Obviously, it will also be available on a two year contract at the expected cost of $200.

No idea yet whether customers will be able to preorder the Samsung ATIV SE before the smartphone goes on sale, but since this is very likely one of the first handsets that will arrive with the new Windows Phone 8.1 operating platform, Verizon just might put up a preorder program in place.

If only they can change the name while they are at it. ATIV SE, bah!

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