Huawei Believes Windows Phone Is Costly, Not Open Enough

Well if you have to say something, say it straight. That’s what Huawei, a Windows Phone partner has done, with a company executive talking about how they feel about the mobile operating platform.

Huawei was one of the four hardware partners (along with Nokia, Samsung and HTC) that hopped on the Windows Phone wagon when the mobile OS was rebooted with Windows Phone 8 in 2012. In these eighteen months, though, the company has only released two low end handsets.

And now we know why.

In an interview at the Mobile World Congress last month in Barcelona, Shao Yang, the chief marketing officer at Huawei Device talked about why his company is not the biggest fan:

“In Windows Phone, there is one problem: that it has more licensing costs than Android. That increases the price of the phone by 10%. So that’s one block point of Windows. The second block is the ecosystem.

The third and major block point is that Windows Phone is not so open as Android, which blocks a vendor [from making] their own innovations. The result of the last block is that all Windows Phones look too similar, and it is hard to differentiate different brands from each other.”

Well Microsoft just might have the remedy for the first problem.

There have been whispers that Redmond has waived the licensing fees for a couple of its OEMs in India, leading some to speculate that the technology titan would be very open to dropping these fees for Windows Phone entirely.

But the more pressing matter here, according to Shao, is the fact that Huawei has only sold 100,000 each of its two Windows Phone handsets up until now.

No wonder then, the third model has been in limbo for so long.

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