Nokia Car App Finally Available For Lumia Smartphones

Some might opine that Nokia should have released an app like this eons ago, but it is finally here now. The company has unleashed its official Car application for Windows Phone devices.

Lumia owner will now be able to use their handsets for quick access to information without, well, holding it in their hands — perfect when driving, for example.

The Car mode has actually been included with the Nokia Accessories app in Lumia smartphones for quite some time, though this feature cannot be manually activated unless users download and install this new application that has just made its way to the Windows Phone Store.

As this report notes, the Car mode that is integrated in Nokia Lumia smartphones will be enabled when the device is placed onto the wireless CR-200 car mount. However, users will also be required to active NFC (Near Field Communication) on their devices.

They will then be able to access HERE Drive + and Nokia Music, along with standard functions like calls, messages and weather.

All they will be required to do is download the Nokia Car application and install it on their Lumia smartphones, and all features will be automatically enabled.

As expected, only Windows Phone 8 owners are invited to the party, Lumia branded, exclusively. You can grab the free Nokia Car app from the Windows Phone Store via this link.

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