Surface Mini Could Be Unveiled At BUILD, New Report

Those of you visiting (or watching) Microsoft’s BUILD 2014 event are in for a lot of treats. This year’s developer conference is already packed with amazing unveils and astonishing details.

Not only is Redmond expected to announce Windows 8.1 Update 1 and Windows Phone 8.1 at its premiere event, but word is that the company will also share early details about Windows 9 and overall future strategy. Now you can add another item to the mix.

According to a new report, the technology titan is ready to showcase the Surface Mini at BUILD.

The San Francisco event that kicks off next week could witness the public debut of said device, even though such an unveiling would be quite a surprise — there have been no recent rumors or benchmark sightings of this smaller slate.

For this reason, no one exactly knows anything for sure about the device, other than that it is supposed to be Microsoft’s answer to the iPad Mini and Nexus 7.

Previous speculation about the Surface Mini hinted at a price tag of around $250, which in of itself is a bit hard to believe, keeping in mind the premium pricing Redmond attaches to its branded products.

Obviously, take this with a generous helping of salt, but if there is a time to introduce such a product, it is now. Give it a few days, then, and all will be clear.

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