Users In Australia Have Well And Truly Moved Beyond Windows XP

Call Windows XP and tell it that it’s been dumped! In the Land Down Under, that is. Australian users seem to be driving the charge as far as the old operating system is concerned. And how.

While the overall worldwide average market share of the classic OS is still in the mid to high 20s, only 6.83 percent of Aussie computers users are still running the operating system. This is how you get ready for a product retirement, I say, I say.

A local Microsoft executive revealed that the absolute majority of users in the country have already migrated to a newer operating system, with the remaining set to follow suit in the coming weeks.

In an interview, Emmanuele Silanesu, the product marketing manager of Microsoft Australia, said:

“Here in Australia we’re a fairly technologically advanced country; we’re early adopters of new technology, so we we’re not in that kind of position.”

These sentiments are certainly backed by the latest number from third-party market research firm StatCounter that reveal that Windows XP is losing ground to newer platforms in the country, including the company’s latest effort Windows 8.

Windows 7 takes the cake and eats it too with 43.92 percent of the Australian market cornered, while the next member of the family, Windows 8, comes in at 7.01 percent. Windows 8.1, has also gathered a share of 5.29 percent since launch in late October 2013.

Interestingly, Android is nowhere to be seen in this desktop, tablet and console OS roundup.

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