Windows XP Retirement Is Actually Helping Increase PC Sales

Always great when things go according to plan, right? PC makers around the globe have probably stopped sweating right now, as new market data reveals that sales are going up.

The biggest reason behind this resurgence? Why, the retirement of Windows XP, of course!

Windows XP is set for retirement in less than two weeks now, and most people that are on the old platform have thought (or are thinking) about moving to a newer operating system. This has actually turned out to be a good thing for the continually declining PC hardware market.

According to this report, analyst firm Context has revealed that sales in the month of January were up by a healthy 13 percent. And Windows XP nearing end of life is cited as the main reason for this lift.

However, the figure is still below where it could (or should) have been and as Alex Mesguich, VP of enterprise research at Context put it, everyone will have to make serious efforts to keep Windows XP secure and fully protected, including security vendors:

“The end of XP support across the huge installed base of XP across businesses will present a major security challenge for these companies.

Overall, the end of XP support could have a triple-whammy effect. For Microsoft, the unknown consequences could be opening a can of worms for them. Businesses are annoyed at the forced transition, and security vendors will be having to process and patch an increased flow of vulnerability issues.”

Well, these security companies seem not too bothered by this. In fact, most have welcomed these new developments, confirming extended support for Windows XP.

Even Google and Mozilla will continue to provide updates for their software and browsers installed on the aging platform. Which ultimately is a good thing — for all other users, you, me, and everyone.

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