Google Reportedly Developing Chrome For Windows Phone 8

The search engine giant is wary of just two companies. Facebook in the social scene, and Microsoft in all other areas. That is one reason why the Google has not really jumped in to offers its apps, software and services to Windows 8 and Windows Phone users.

But the company cannot afford to wait too long, what with both these platforms rising in popularity.

One of the apps that some Windows Phone 8 users have long wanted to see on their devices is Google Chrome. It now appears that some first steps have been taken in this regard.

As this report notes, while Microsoft prefers to see web browsers that are based on the Internet Explorer engine on its platforms, Redmond might just reconsider its approach here, and allow Google to port the Chrome browser on Windows Phone 8.

Apparently, this rumor stems from this support ticket that was initiated in the Chromium open source project opened by a Google engineer about a Windows Phone version of the browser.

It has not seen much action since October 2012 when it was first opened, until two days ago, when the ownership of the project changed hands. No confirmation that Google is indeed working on the web browser, but an indication, nevertheless, that people are looking into it.

Everything depends on whether the company is forced to rebuild the browser from ground up by Microsoft in order for the app to comply with the terms it has outlined for its platforms.

Too much of development work and Google might decide on skipping it.

Then again, for how long?

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