Microsoft Shows Off Kinect For Windows V2 Hardware

The second generation of Kinect for Windows is getting closer and closer to launch, according to Microsoft, and now the company has finally unveiled the hardware.

No big surprises here — the design is very similar to the Kinect 2 sensor on Xbox One.

The Kinect for Windows Blog shows the final form of the device in a brief post, and reveals that that the device will feature a Kinect logo on top, along with a power indicator in place of the Xbox One symbol. But it also comes with another major difference.

Users will have to plug in a separate power cable, in addition to the USB 3.0 connector, signaling that the device consumers quite a few watts of power. The hub and power supply can be seen in the images that accompany the aforementioned post, by the way.

The upcoming device shares many technologies and similarities with the console version, including higher fidelity thanks to its HD camera, and an array of microphones the can filter ambient sound while reducing noise. This should, in theory, make for a much better experience, overall.

However, while the technology is top notch, there still are not that many games (and applications) that are compatible with Kinect on the Windows platform.

It will be interesting if the second generation Kinect can improve on this.

No official release date on Kinect for Windows v2. However, Microsoft have previously hinted that they are aiming for a launch in 2014. Summer, perhaps.

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