Microsoft To Only Talk About Windows 9 SKU Plans At BUILD

The always reliable Mary Jo Foley has jumped in to save the day! Anticipation has been building up (pun intended) on what Microsoft will reveal about Windows 9 when the BUILD 2014 developer conference kicks off on April 2 in San Francisco.

We have been hearing for months on now that the first official news bits on the next full version of Microsoft’s flagship operating system are to be revealed at this event.

And now the regular Microsoft watcher is reporting that the company will not be disclosing the full feature lineup of Windows 9 at the event — instead the software titan only plans to focus on a new SKU, which is short for stock-keeping unit, obviously.

So the word is that this new version of Windows 9 is being designed to work on Windows Phones, ARM-based Windows tablets/PCs, phablets and other such devices.

Long story short, the company wants to continue its emphasis on the non-PC market.

Additionally, it is being reported that this new SKU for Windows 9 might not include a desktop at all. The company wants to go all in with the Start Screen, and users will not be able to run traditional software programs on these devices. But this is understandable here.

File these as unconfirmed reports for now, but all will be revealed tomorrow.

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