Start Menu Will Return In A Future Windows 8.1 Update, Microsoft Confirms

Well, it’s official people. The Start Menu will return to Windows in a future update. Microsoft shared this exciting news at BUILD 2014, saying that they want to make the operating system more appropriate for desktop users.

Appropriate is the correct word, alright.

This was confirmed by Terry Myerson of Microsoft, who although refused to provide any specifics on when exactly this might happen, said that this feature will be returning in a future update.

Which means that Windows 8.1 users can expect it later this year.

A few screenshots were also posted during his keynote, and as expected, the new Start Menu features the perfect blend of the classic design along with just the right touch of the Modern UI — list of installed apps and Live Tiles will also be available in this new Start Menu.

Interestingly, this screenshot also shows that users will be able to launch Metro apps in their very own windows, confirming that the company is ready to mix the Modern UI and desktop in the future.

Previous rumors have hinted that these features will be part of Windows 9.

And while it is possible that such a change might only be reserved for the next full version of the operating system, it makes more sense to release these features to users as part of a second major update to Windows 8.1.

But before we get to that part, take over the comment box and let your thoughts be known. Excited for this return of the classic feature? Bet you are!

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