Windows 8.1 Update Now Available For Download On MSDN

Just as Terry Myerson was talking about it in his keynote at BUILD 2014, Microsoft released the new Windows 8.1 Update on MSDN so that premium subscribers can download and deploy the files before general release on April 8.

The update is available in two different flavors — as it should be.

Subscribers can grab the MSU installers for their current versions, or opt for a fresh install by downloading the standalone ISO files that can be used to clean install the operating system without the need to download Windows Updates.

And as reported earlier users are required to download and install all necessary updates to Windows 8.1 released up till now, before they can enjoy Windows 8.1 Update 1.

Onto some statistics, then.

The Windows 8.1 Update ISO comes in at 3924 MB. And this form can be used to install any of the available versions of the operating system, including Core, Embedded and Server 2012 R2.

On the other hand, the MSU Installers for Windows 8.1 come in at 360 MB for the x86 version and a substantial 770 MB for the x64 builds of Microsoft’s flagship operating platform. These are some solid downloads, but so is the feature set that this refresh of the OS brings.

If you are a MSDN member, you can go ahead and check out these downloads on the Subscriber Downloads section of the site. If not, then April 8 is not all that far away, anyway.

Microsoft will roll out this new version next week, free of charge to all Windows 8.1 users.

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