Acer Aspire Switch SW5 Hybrid Tablet Said To Be Arriving This Month

While the world is holding out for more information on dual boot Windows 8 and Android devices, hardware makers are busy readying and launching their hybrid solutions.

ASUS in particular has found notable success with such devices.

And a similar device from Acer also surfaced online last month. The Aspire Switch 10 was hyped up as a pretty spectacular 3-in-1 laptop and tablet hybrid powered by Windows 8.1. Of course, it was an unconfirmed rumor back then.

But even though this report, again, is unofficial, it does reveal the complete specifications of this hybrid device, lending weight to the news that Acer might be gearing up for launch.

As this report states, Acer is not calling this device the Iconia W5 or Switch 10, but instead, the company has labeled this hybrid as the Aspire Switch SW5.

And as reported earlier, the device will come with a keyboard dock that can be used to transform the tablet into a fully featured laptop. Chances are that the dock will also house an extra battery to prolong the time the device can be used.

Now, while previous rumors claimed that Acer was bundling a full HD display on this 10.1-inch device, it now appears that it might offer a serviceably standard resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels.

The rest of the specifications are pretty okay too, what with an Intel Atom Z3746 Bay Trail processor with maybe 2GB of RAM and 64GB internal storage capacity. The device will reportedly arrive later this month with a price tag in and around the $510 range, which again, is swell.

We might have official details after Acer unveils it at a New York event.

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