Are You Game For A Cloud Based Windows Operating System?

This week started with some bombastic news yesterday, when some early rumors about what Microsoft is working on next popped up, courtesy of the friendly neighborhood Wzor.

According to the famed leaker, Redmond has started work on a cloud-based version of Windows.

And what’s more, this is to be offered completely free to users — with room for paid premium features as subscriptions, of course. But essentially, users will be getting Windows as a Service (WAAS) on their chosen device. Or devices.

Now, before someone quips about Chromebooks, yes, this notion is similar, but not entirely unexpected. Some very early rumors pointed to this being Windows 10, a completely cloud powered experience.

The big question, friends and foes, is whether this is something you would bite?

Do you see yourself, running a cloud powered operating system? I am sure Microsoft would want to put in a substantial amount of offline features, or at least tools and options that work when Internet access is unavailable. But the core experience will rain from the clouds.

So then, this is the place to talk about it.

Are you guys and gals ready for Windows Cloud? Or if given a choice, same feature set, would you still choose the traditional option of a paid standard, by the books operating system?

Let’s get those keyboards working, shall we?

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