Second Windows 8.1 Update Reportedly Set For August Arrival

When Wzor is in action, Mary Jo Foley is not far behind. The fan favorite (and utterly reliable) leaker of Microsoft information brings good news for users of Windows 8.1.

The first update to the platform went live earlier this month, and the second one is right around the corner. Apparently, that is. According to this report over at ZDNet, the next major update to the operating system is heading for an August release.

Microsoft is reportedly keen on speeding up the release cycle of its flagship operating system.

Besides, the talks of a rapid release cadence are not exactly new, now, are they? Several senior Redmond executives have hinted at this.

So anyway, if this report holds true (and there is every chance that it might), this new update could include the returning Start Menu. The software titan might decide to save it for Windows 9, but now that the cat is out of the bag, there is no better time than this year.

However, Foley does make it a point to mention that the ability to run Metro apps in their own windows on the desktop is a feature that might not be part of this update. Oh well.

Even though Microsoft did showcase this ability at BUILD 2014 earlier this month.

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