Over 1 Million Handsets Now Powered By Windows Phone 8.1

They said that the developer preview version of Windows Phone 8.1 was big, and now we have a bit of an idea about how big it is. More than one million users have deployed this early version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

Which is, quite a high number, considering the fact that this is not the final release.

But it does show that interest about the mobile platform is at an unprecedented high — so much so that users are willing to try it out by enrolling in the company’s app development program. Passionate enthusiasts? Yeah, you can call them that.

These new statistics come from AdDuplex, some one week or so after Windows Phone 8.1 was made available. And although there is no official confirmation provided in this matter, it was estimated that around 50 million Windows Phone handsets were in use, back in January.

So a figure of 1.5 million Windows Phone 8.1 translates to 3.1 percent of the overall user base.

The data also shows that Windows Phone 8 commands a market share of 78 percent, while the numbers for Windows Phone 7 come in at 18.9 percent.

Nokia now has an ultimate 93.5 percent of the market, with HTC a distant second at 4.4 percent. Samsung and Huawei complete the current composition of the ecosystem with figures of 1.3 and 0.8 percent respectively.

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