Users Report Problems With Windows Phone 8.1 On Samsung ATIV SE

I don’t know about you guys, but it’s beyond time that Samsung should get serious about Windows Phone. Either that, or leave the party altogether. There I said it!

For a company that had the potential of taking the fight to Nokia in this fledgling new ecosystem, Samsung has, so far, displayed recklessness and apathy of the highest order. Sure, the Korean giant’s bread and butter is its Galaxy line of Android devices, but if one has to do it, better do it right. Right?

Apparently, this is a saying that the higher ups at Samsung might not have heard of.

Take the recently released (and still horribly named) ATIV SE smartphone that a number of Verizon users have acquired. It appears that the device does not play nicely with Windows Phone 8.1. At all.

The newest flavor of Microsoft’s mobile operating platform was released in developer preview form a couple of weeks back, and word is that more than a million users have already downloaded and installed it. An impressive feat, by all accounts.

So anyway, as this report reports (ha!), many users that deployed this release are plagued by a number of really severe issues following the update — including freezes, reboots and general unresponsiveness.

Which, frankly, is a shame, as this is a fairly powerful device.

Some users have even reported unresponsive touchscreens, while others have issues with the camera. Worse yet, the handset freezes during phone calls, requiring a reboot to become responsive again. Oh, and there have been cases where the smartphone automatically restarted. All by itself.

All these issues, from a large company, and a new handset.

Now, admittedly, you can say that this is what developer previews are for, to iron out bugs before general release. But really, Samsung really has to get its act together here.

And well, given these severe issues, if you are a Samsung ATIV SE owner, it is best you hold off from installing this version of Windows Phone 8.1 and wait for a couple of months. The final version of the mobile operating system, will in all probability, fix these problems.

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