Internet Explorer 11 Close To Becoming The Most Used Browser In The World

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 11 as part of Windows 8.1, but luckily allowed users of previous versions of the operating system the ability to install the latest browser.

The result? IE 11 is now just a few leagues away from becoming the most popular browser in the world.

Net Applications has the lowdown where version 11 is now sitting at 16.61 percent of the market, comfortably ahead of both Mozilla Firefox 28 and Google Chrome 34. The two competing browsers are at 12.28 percent and 8.64 percent respectively.

Internet Explorer 8, for reasons very known, still commands the number one place, with its substantial market share of 20.85 percent. It might take IE 11 a month or two to overtake it.

Provided users keep on upgrading to this latest and greatest version of Microsoft’s flagship web browser, that is.

But that’s not exactly rocket science — benchmarks put Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 up to 30 percent faster than all other browsers on the market, which is clearly having a say in users of the world’s most popular operating system moving to this new version.

In terms of overall desktop share, Internet Explorer came in with figures of 57.88 this past month, Chrome had numbers of 17.92 percent, while Firefox sits at 17 percent.

Safari with 5.66 percent, and Opera with 1.14 percent round up the top five.

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