Surprise! Microsoft might have something extra planned alongside Surface Mini

Everyone loves a good surprise, but sadly they are far and few between in the world of computing hardware. Now, software is another thing, but there are just too many variables and dynamics that dictate the direction in hardware.

Just look up how BlackBerry went from a world leader to, well, you get the idea.

Now, in a perfect world, Microsoft would have wanted to unveil the Surface Mini alongside the second generation Surface lineup late last year. That was an event custom made for such a reveal; a complete showing of the full Surface family.

But for one reason or another only the Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2 made headlines back then.

And now the technology titan is gearing up for another press event later this month, and word is that the company has more up its sleeve than just a smaller variant of the Surface tablet. Details are totally scarce at the moment, but this could get rather interesting it true.

It is being said that Intel will also be a present at the event, and in a rather large capacity.

This could either mean that the Microsoft might refresh the processors in the Surface Pro 2, with either the Core i3 or Core i7 chips, or maybe even unveil a larger Surface tablet, something in the 12-inch or higher screen range.

Then again, it could be something completely totally different.

Either way, the Surface Mini will probably not be the only announcement at the May 20 event.

Only 13 days, then.

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