Latest Version Of Modern Skype Is Now Easier To Use, Says Microsoft

The Skype team rolled out a new version of the client in the Windows Store yesterday, and this latest build comes with a number of improvements that enhance the overall experience when using the popular VoIP platform.

This update was released alongside several other built-in Metro apps, as reported here.

And now, the company has detailed these improvements for the Modern UI flavor of Skype in a blog post, explaining that Skype 2.8 for modern Windows primarily makes the application a bit easier to use for mouse and keyboard users.

So basically, a continuation of Microsoft’s focus on enhancing the usage of Metro apps on the desktop:

“We’ve been focused on making the application easier to use.

There’s a tighter feel to the hub – the modern Skype is designed for touch but we know a lot of our users have mouse and keyboard devices. As a result we are tightening the space between your latest recent conversations, which brings forward the contacts list and makes navigation easier.”

But what good are such improvements, if they do not come with some performance tweaks, right?

Good thing, then, that Microsoft have also made some code enrichments, to make the app load faster on PCs — just ever so slightly. This was all due to some minor changes in the background.

Nevertheless, arguably the biggest feature is the inclusion of new synchronization options for people that use Skype across multiple devices like PCs, tablets and smartphones.

This Metro client can be installed on all Windows 8.1 computers, of if you are still on Windows 8, you will have to upgrade to the newest version before you locate the app in the Windows Store.

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