These Surface Mini Tablet Concepts Should Tide You Over Until Launch

The newest addition to Microsoft’s Surface line of tablets, Surface Mini, is on track for debut later this month. Official unveilings are one thing, but the device could easily take a week or two extra to arrive on store shelves.

Redmond, obviously, is as quiet as one can be on the matter, though other sources have provided a number of vital details about this upcoming tablet.

And if you have already set your sights on buying the device when it launches, you might be interested in these new mockup concepts that envision a Surface Mini slate — they take design cues from the first and second generation Surface units that are already available on the market.

Take a look at them below:

As this report notes, the concepts show two different designs.

Or more specifically, two different aspect ratios, 4:3 and 16:9. But despite the screen size differences, all other traditional Surface elements are there, from color scheme to camera. A digital stylus is also in.

And no kickstand either, as there have been reports that claim the Surface Mini could come without a traditional attached kickstand. Instead, a new cover would play the same role.

Nevertheless, the screen aspect ratio bit is something that has been a point of contention before, and while both screen sizes have their merits, it remains to be seen what Microsoft ends up choosing.

We shall find out on May 20, for sure.

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