Windows 8.1 App Watch: Kinectimals Unleashed

There was a brief period in time when Kinectimals was the hottest thing in gaming. This was around the time when Microsoft first showed off its Kinect technology for the Xbox 360.

Since then, this virtual pet simulation game has gone places.

And just now the company has released (or you can say unleashed) Kinectimals Unleashed for all Windows 8.1 devices. This free game allows you to adopt your favorite critter, train and take care of them just like any other virtual pet.

The official description:

“Kinectimals Unleashed delivers more than 85 furry four legged friends to play with and care for. Think you can collect them all? We’ve included all the best games from Agility Courses to Beach Volleyball, Flying Disc to Jump Roping – we’ve included hundreds of toys and collectibles to keep you and your new friends entertained for hours!”

As noted above, the game comes with a number of unlockables to go with customization options, and the ability to share gifts with other players. You can even work together with other players to achieve some select bonuses.

Several social interactions are built in, including the ability to share photos on Facebook and Twitter.

In terms of presentations, the game is everything you would expect from a console quality title. The download size of 309 MB is pretty decent considering everything that is included. The game also supports all versions of the operating system, including Windows RT.

Click here to check out Kinectimals Unleashed on the Windows Store.

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