Critical Updates For May Patch Tuesday Announced, Windows XP Not In

Just like the Patch Tuesday update cycle for last month, when Microsoft pulled the plug off of Windows XP on April 8, this month’s batch of fixes promises to be equally notable.

This is the first Patch Tuesday release without any fixes for Windows XP.

And although Redmond did well in fixing a critical Internet Explorer vulnerability on Windows XP earlier this month (or otherwise), the retired operating platform is officially out in this new rollout.

As expected, people, as expected.

Microsoft have put up a new advisory for the monthly Patch Tuesday cycle that takes place on May 13 this time around, and users are set to be provided with eight different security updates next week.

Elaborate details are missing, obviously, for security reasons, but six of these updates are considered Important, while two come with the Critical tag.

Windows, Internet Explorer, Office Web Apps, SharePoint Server are all in line to receive updates.

Speaking of the date, May 13 is also important as this is the day when the software titan will stop providing updates to Windows 8.1 users, unless they have installed Windows 8.1 Update.

The company explained the thought process behind making this update mandatory, with the reason being that all future updates made to its modern operating platform are to be based on this version of Windows 8.1.

Logical. Painfully logical.

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