Windows Store Finally Gets The Anticipated New Redesign

Microsoft have just rolled out a brand new design for the Windows Store for devices that have the Windows 8.1 Update installed, making it is easier to find apps both on PCs and tablets.

This new design, the company says, is built using consumer feedback.

And although this refresh was detailed at the BUILD 2014 developer conference early last month, Microsoft for some reason delayed the launch of this redesign. Previously, it was supposed to arrive with Windows 8.1 Update.

Anyway, the Windows Store now displays a persistent navigation bar that provides instant access to Top Charts, Categories and Collections — in other words, the most used apps on the store.

Take a full look at this new design below:


Microsoft talked about this on the official Windows blog, saying:

“Navigating the Windows Store previously required a finger-swipe or right-click. Now, the navigation bar persists on top of the Store for intuitive, fast access. But that doesn’t mean it’s cluttered.

Customer feedback tells us that most people want to quickly see the chart-toppers, search by the top categories they’re interested in, or browse our curated Collections. Because of this, the navigation bar is now focused on to Top charts, Categories, and Collections. You can still quickly access your Account information.”

A perfect explanation of a perfect redesign!

The new store also puts universal apps in the spotlight, so users can get it once and use it on any other Windows device, including a PC, tablet, or even a smartphone.

Redmond also says that usage and navigation should also be smoother and faster.

This fresh new redesign of the Windows Store is deployed via Windows Update, so make sure you install the new patches that are just released before you launch the store on your device.

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