Microsoft Officially Unveils 12-Inch Surface Pro 3

All the rumors were true! Or you know, all the rumors pertaining to the launch of Surface Pro 3, or even display size increase to 12-inch. Microsoft have done just that.

The company, as part of its press event in New York City today, has confirmed that it will be releasing the Surface Pro 3, which is the latest model of its high-end tablet that is powered by Windows 8.1. And the device gets some notable improvements in hardware.

Making use of an Intel Core i7 processor inside, the slate now arrives with a 12-inch screen size. Redmond have confirmed that the Surface Pro 3 will also come in Core i3 and Core i5 varieties.

And it’s not just the screen that gets enhanced.

Surface Pro 3 has a resolution of 2160 by 1440 pixels, which gives it a 3:2 aspect ratio. Despite this, the device is fairly lightweight, particularly for its size, at just 800 grams.

Marketed as a tablet that can replace your laptop, Panos Panay, the general manger of Surface, placed this new model in the same category as the Apple MacBook Air — while noting that Apple’s laptop actually weighed more.

And the Surface Pro 3 is also razor thin at just 9.1 mm, which pretty much makes it the thinnest device ever made that is powered by an Intel Core processor.

Some serious engineering here, people!

Microsoft also showed off the new Type Covers for the Surface Pro 3. These come with a larger and improved trackpad, along with reduced friction in usage.

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