So I actually pre-ordered a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and here’s why…

Here we go again
Here we go again

Here we go again

So most of you who read this blog know that recently I have become a huge critic and skeptic of the direction Microsoft chose to go in with Windows 8.x and the corresponding Windows Phone models.

I reviewed the Microsoft Surface and the Surface Pro 2 and was still left wanting a little.

8 months later, it seems that Microsoft have gotten the message from a bunch of consumers and they (much to their credit) have taken on the major challenge posed to them by consumers and bloggers alike.

Introducing Surface 3 – “Meet the tablet that can replace your laptop”

Surface Pro 3

Surface Pro 3

Once again, I am actually excited to check out this new innovative device from Microsoft.

When I looked back at the reviews I did of the old Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2, there were major issues that Microsoft appear to have fixed this time around.

Too heavy – this is lighter.

Screen too small – this screen is larger.

Uncomfortable in the lap – The hinge is more flexible now.

No docking station at time of release – They better have one next month.

Surface Pro docking station

Surface Pro docking station

The Bold Bet

Microsoft are betting on the fact that they can actually create a new class of device. Not a tablet or a laptop but a tablet that can replace your laptop.

It’s exciting to see Redmond take up such a MAJOR challenge and at least attempt to drive and define a class of device before Apple.

Will it work? I’m not sure but I am willing to try and see.


While everything looks good, I really do have concerns about the aggressive pricing of the device.

  • The 512GB Intel i7 tablet is $1949.
  • The 256GB Intel i7 tablet is $1549.
  • The 256GB Intel i5 tablet is $1299.
  • The 128GB Intel i5 tablet is $999.
  • The 64GB Intel i3 tablet is $799.

Source – Microsoft Store

I think that the devices could be a lot cheaper but I will hold my fire on that for now.

In addition, they need to stop screwing around and throw in the keyboard for free. What kind of penny wise pound foolish campaign would make someone pay close to $2000 and not throw in the keyboard?

The back of the Surface Pro 3

The back of the Surface Pro 3

I’m buying a Surface Pro 3 for a few reasons.

First of all, I want to see if Microsoft are actually going to change the game and create a device that is a must have for consumers and businesses.

Then I want to see if Windows 8.1 is more tolerable on a hybrid device like this.

Next, I want to see if this will replace my Macbook Pro 15.4 inch retina laptop that I am typing on.

Also since I wasn’t in New York for the launch, I am really curious about the weight of the device.

I want to check out the pen/stylus and all the cool One Note integration that Panos was doing during the demo.

Finally, I want to review it here for you guys and give you my CANDID opinion about the state of the device.

Now a stylus and tablet can come together and add value?

Now a stylus and tablet can come together and add value?

Quick Aside – Panos Panay kicked ass during the launch presentation

I haven’t seen Microsoft really give food for thought like that in a while. He struck the right tone and spent the presentation being playful (w/Joanna Stern) but being very direct about the business challenge the company was trying to take on.

I’m not usually impressed with launch speeches but I thought he was fabulous.

OK I have rambled for long enough.

If you haven’t preordered yours yet, you can do so at the Microsoft Store.

I would love to hear back from you guys and girls about 4 things.

  • Do you plan to preorder the new Surface Pro 3?
  • Why or why not?
  • If yes, what model?
  • What do you think about the pricing?

As always, use the comments below and let us know.

I’ll be back in a month with a complete review.

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