Microsoft Fifth In North American Tablet Chart, Still A Long Way To Go

Tablets are fascinating business. Sure, Apple clearly is the dominant leader, and Samsung makes okay devices, but as this new chart illustrates, most other companies clearly don’t stand a chance.

Unless things radically change in the near future.

This latest data published by online ad network Chitika, and visualized here, talks about the top eight tablet brands in North America in April 2014. And Microsoft was good enough for fifth place, behind companies like Samsung, Amazon and Google.

Apple iPad dwarfed other devices with a 77.2% tablet market share, while Redmond managed to carve out 1.6% of the market with the various Surface branded slates.

Much work, then, remains for Microsoft.

The company would surely have hoped for a much better showing when it launched the original Surface RT back in October 2012, but since then, the technology giant has continued with a strong push with updated models, including the recently unveiled Surface Pro 3.

A number of factors, obviously, have a say in this ordeal, including the relatively premium pricing, and the low number of quality applications on the Windows Store.

Equally troubling, however, is the fact that Windows powered tablet makers are still missing from this list, which appears to be dominated by iOS and Android devices.

Much work, then, remains for companies like Dell, Lenovo, and Toshiba too.

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