Free Application Updates Windows XP Beyond Retirement

Users still running Windows XP in some capacity will recall the registry hack that was the talk of the town a couple of months back. The one that kept the retired operating system up to date?

The one Microsoft warned against using to update, because of the risks?

That simple trick spoofed the operating system and configured Windows XP to be identified as Windows XP POSReady 2009 in order to receive updates beyond the April 2014 deadline, and stay protected even when new vulnerabilities are found.

Interestingly, Microsoft has decided not to go after this little trick, and it still functions fine as of this writing. Even more interestingly, someone has created an app for it.

Called XP Update Extender, this is what this little piece of software does:

“XP Update Extender allows you to receive updates for Windows XP until 2019. Therefore all it does is to set a registry key preventing to be a version of XP Embedded called POSReady.”

You can search for it online and apply the tweak, if you want.

But as Microsoft recommends, Windows XP users are better off staying away from these registry hacks as POSReady updates are not always compatible with Windows XP — they install just fine, but that does not mean anything can go wrong in the future.

Besides, deploying them is no guarantee of a protected system, so there’s that.

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