Improved Version Of VLC For Windows 8.1 In Development

VLC ports for modern versions of Windows have almost dropped out of the radar these past few months, and this means two things. Either user interest has dwindled, or developers are hard at work.

Luckily, it is the latter this time.

Sure, the initial release of VLC for Windows 8 left many users disappointed because it lacked many features that are available on the desktop client. Not only that, but the early versions also suffered from performance issues and crashes — some of which were fixed subsequently.

But Thomas Nigro, one of the developers behind the project confirmed today in a tweet that a much improved version for Windows 8.1 is currently being worked on:

“Working hard on that VLC Windows 8.1 release. Same UI, but much improved code, that’s our goal for now. Kind of a first step.”

Good to hear that, start with the back first, and iron out the software issues.

Obviously, the version that is already up for grabs on the Windows Store only works on the x86 and x64 builds of Windows, but Windows RT support has been promised.

One might imagine that this version for ARM based processors will only arrive alongside VLC for Window Phone 8.1 that is in development. We got an early look at that a little while back, and it surely looks the part. Now only if we have a solid idea of the release date.

Either way, let’s just hope for speedy development, and quick release.

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